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Finding SVD Parts/Plans or the Kit

  • Complete Kit - If you would like to build the SVD from a complete parts kit, please click here for information on ordering the kit.
  • Parts - We would also be glad to send you whatever parts you need even if you don't want the full-blown kit. For example, it is probably much easier to have us send you the PCB and/or a programmed PIC than to do this part yourself. Please click here for information on ordering parts.
  • Do-It-Yourself - There should be enough information on this web-site for you to do the whole thing yourself if you like. Here is a "do-it-yourself" page that has links and information that should cover it.

Downloading SVD Building Instructions

When you order the SVD in "kit" form, it comes with an assembly manual.

You can also download the manual in a few forms:

Standard US Letter Size - SVD-Instructions.pdf   (4,163 kB)
"Booklet" on US Letter Size - SVD-Booklet-Front.pdf   (589 kB)
SVD-Booklet-Back.pdf   (3,424 kB)

Special note for the "Booklet" format - there are two files for this format: "front" and "back". These were produced for an inkjet printer, so the order of the pages are set to making printing on an inkjet easy. The order of the pages for the "front" file is: page 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5. The order of the pages for the "back" file is: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. So when using an inkjet, print the front, then just take the pages from the output tray and put them back in the input tray.

The Microsoft Word format is available too. But it is so big (22 MB) we don't post it here normally because it takes up so darn much disk space. If you would like a copy of the Word document, please contact us.

Preparing to Build the SVD

There are a couple things you should "be" when building an SVD:

  • Comfortable Soldering - The SVD isn't hard to build, but if this is your first type soldering, you're likely to have problems because the PCB pads are pretty close together.

  • Knowledgable About Electronics Parts - You should know the difference between a resistor and a capacitor and how to read the markings on them. The instructions don't go into that much detail.

  • Careful - Some parts, like the ICs, can be destroyed by mounting them backwards. You should know how to tell "which end is up" for ICs and be careful when installing them.

    If the truth be known, I've installed one of the ICs backwards when assembling an SVD. The IC was the read-line driver, the 75452. You'd be surprised how hot one of these things gets when you install it backwards!

Besides that, the SVD is rather easy to build. The toughest part (IMHO) is cutting the holes in the case.

Checking Out the SVD

After building the SVD, go back to Step 2 on the "Getting Started" page for instructions about checking out the SVD.