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It is possible for the SVD to work with other computers.

In particular, machines that use the Western Digital (WD) 179x controlers are likely to work with the SVD, both single density and double density. However, the real issue (or problem) is that the SVD is most useful when you have floppy images that you can download to it. If you don't have images to download to the SVD then you won't be able to boot from the SVD or read from it.

The SVD may still be useful in these situations, though. Since you can write to the SVD, you should be able to use an existing compatible floppy image and make backup copies of existing floppies of your machine and upload them to the PC.

For example, you can use the TRS-80 Model 1 blank floppy image (as found in the PC software) for machines that use the WD 1791 single density controller. You can use the TRS-80 Model 3/4 blank floppy image for the double density controller.